Sunday, November 03, 2019

Gift Guide for Babies

Tis the season for gifting.
Anyone else stress about buying the right gifts? the right number of gifts? Not getting caught up in the fads, or ending up with a pile of junk your kids' won't touch? If so, I've got all the gift guides of tried and true items my kids love! We're going to start with the littles and work our way up.
Buying gifts for babies is so hard, you want to make that first holiday so special, and are tempted to buy them everything - even though they need very little. My goal is always to buy quality toys my kids will love long term. I'm not into trendy toys, or the top toy list,  I like tried and true toys that promote brain development, and are fun to play with.

While this list does contain some affiliated links, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase from some of these links, it is not sponsored. I do not share things that I haven't used and loved. Everything on this, and my other lists are 100% items we have owned and loved.
Let's kick off the list with one of our newer favorites, the Fat Brain Toys Dimpl, this was one of our babe's few gift's last Christmas. When he opened it his uncle and 8 year old cousin both took it over at one point, it's such a fun toy.

The Manhattan Baby Beads are one of the few toys I bought for my second. I bought them to fill a spot on her Crate and Kids Honeycomb Shelf, but it quickly became a favorite toy. She currently rotates between using it as a decoration and an accessory.

The Fat Brain Toys Name Puzzle is a classic first holiday gift that can be used for years.

Every babe needs a few on the go toys, the mini spinny is awesome for home or on the go.

Grimms are beautiful and classic. The flower is so pretty, and so fun. We also love the rainbow.

I think everyone agrees stackers are a must! I love this Fat Brain Toys one, because it's different from the norm.

The Wimzel is another great on the go toy.

I remember seeing this when I was pregnant with my first and thinking it was so cool! It was one of the few toys I put on my registry. It was a good pick, after 3 babies it still looks brand new, and still gets plenty of play time.

This is another baby shower gift from our first that has been well loved by all our babies.

This Fisher-Price gumball machine is so fun! I am not really into "hot toys" or common toys, but this one is a huge winner! We have the previous version and I randomly found it in my 7 year old's room last week in some elaborate set up - he got it for his first Christmas, and still randomly plays with it - I call that a win!

This little octopus is the best stuffie for little hands - with 8 arms to grab, it's easy to cuddle up to this guy - plus, he's so soft and cute!

My babies are early movers, so we used this around 3-4 months until about 9 months. The great thing about this Skip Hop activity Center is it turns into an activity table once you don't need babe to sit in it! Plus it is way better looking than anything else on the market.

Bath Toys! I love bath toys, they make great stocking stuffers, and are one of those toys that have a very long "play life". Here are a few of our favorites.
The pipes were our first boon bath purchase almost 7 years ago, and we still love them!

These little suction jellies are so much fun. My kids love sticking them all over - especially on their foreheads and tummies.

The best Squirties out there! These boon spurts pop open so you can let them dry out - squirties kids love without the mold - win-win!

I have to include the Tones Boats - they're a little big for my liking, but they are really fun, and my kids love tapping on them to make them whistle.

I have to include the plui - I'd say it's more for the 18 month + club, but it's such a fun one. Like the boon toys, it pops open so you can dry it out.

And our all time favorite bath toy! We've had ours for over 3 years and it's still going strong, hands down the favorite!

And let's not forget the Best Teethers. I've used the Zoli teethers with all three of my babes. With my first I literally dropped hundreds on various teethers he rejected. Thankfully we found a winner!

And of course our favorite baby bath products, Tubby Todd! Every year for the past 4 years I've done their winter scents for stocking stuffers. I also am obsessed with their dream cream and all over ointment, which I add to stockings as well.
Tubby Todd x Rylee & Cru Holiday Scents

Those are a few of our baby favorites! I hope these fill some holes in your shopping list. Happy Shopping!

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