Monday, November 27, 2006

Wash Park Grille; a Diva Delight

The latest dining delight? Wash Park Grille

The ambiance was uptown dining meets neighborhood grill. A warm glowing fireplace meets you at the door, along with a rich dark wood bar. The décor offers exposed brick, dark wood, fresh flowers and a crackling fire.

The service was superb, with the exception of a slight mix up where the table behind us ordered the exact same entrees and their server cut in line, and served them our entrees…

Enough with the page filling, on with the food!
For starters we selected the Baked Lobster Mac & Cheese. The sauce was rich & creamy with a hint of chipotle sauce. The dish featured large pieces of succulent lobster, steamed broccoli, and seasoned breadcrumbs.
Diva’s Dish: 9/10 Stars

As I am sure you are beginning to notice, I have a food crush, a new obsession that I must have, that I can’t get enough of…my crush? Tartare. So of course I had to sample the delightful offering of Tartare at the Wash Park Grille!

Tartare Wash Park Style features a perfect ahi tuna, avocado, cucumber, red onion, wasabi aioli, & hard boiled egg, served with crisp tortilla strips. The flavors of this tartare blend together in a magical way that enhances each individual flavor, as well as a fantastic overall aromatic taste. Although the tartare had a little too much cilantro for my taste, it was still a success.
Diva’s Dish: 7/10 Stars

On to the main event: Lobster & Shrimp Linguine. This dish featured sautéed lobster and seared shrimp with crisp broccoli, in a Parmesan Romano cream sauce. This sauce was a culinary masterpiece, a perfect combination of decadence and airy. I was impressed by the ability to make such a rich & creamy sauce so surprisingly light.
The linguine tasted as if it was pulled of the drying rack moments before hitting my plate.
The combination of the fresh linguine, perfectly seared seafood and the decadent sauce makes this dish a culinary delight.
Diva’s Dish: 9/10 Stars