Monday, October 11, 2010

Chocolate = Love Godiva Bakery Truffles

There is no question that I am a chocoholic. I love trying new chocolate combinations, exploring different cocoa percentages and the overall satisfaction of a good creamy chocolate.

Over the last few weeks I explored Godiva's new  Bakery Dessert Truffles.

The collection includes: Chocolate Lava Cake, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Cheesecake, Tiramisu and Strawberry Tarte.  For the benefit of all chocolate lovers, I sacrificed my calorie count and tried all of them!

Chocolate Lava Cake Truffle
I love Chocolate Lava Cake, so there was no way I was going to pass up this truffle. The Chocolate Lave Cake Truffle is a  powder sugar dusted dark chocolate truffle, with a milk chocolate inner shell  and a split center - one side is a dark chcolate ganache while the other is a gooey chocolate lava liquid. This truffle takes the cake! Add this one to your must try list if you're a chocoholic it's worth every calorie.

Carrot Cake Truffle
I have to admit it was actually pretty good.  Carrot Cake is not my favorite of the Cake Kingdom. But the Truffle is a definite improvement.  It is a milk chocolate truffle with pecans on the outside and a split center - one side is a coconutty creamcheese icing & the other a spicy carrot cake.  Now I have to say the carrot cake part was a little to spiced for me - it had an after taste of old powdered spices.  But when eaten together, it was pretty good. I propably wouln't pick this one again, but if someone gave it to me, I'd eat it.

Red Velvet Truffle
The Red Velvet Cake Truffle is a White Chocolate Truffle with a dark chocolate inner shell and delicious red velvet chocolate ganach. This Truffle is better than any red velvet cake I've ever had! It's creamey, chocolatey, creamcheesey all without an after taste of red dye. The Red Velvet Truffle is a must try!

Cheesecake Truffle
The Cheesecake Truffle is a Milk Chocolate Truffle with a creamy cheesecake center and toasted almonds on the exterior.  The center is very buttery with a hint of vanilla and a slight note of toasted ghramcrakers just like the real thing. But the Truffle actually reminded me more a smores than cheesecake. It was good, but unmemorable.

Tiramisu Truffle
The Tiramisu Truffle is a White Chocolate Truffle with a milk chocolate inner shell, a split center of a vanilla cream and a questionable brown butterscotch espresso substance and shaved dark chocolate on the shell. I'm going to play nice here and just say this truffle was a fail.  Not an epic fail, but a fail none the less. I would have to be paid to eat this one again. Even if you are Tiramisu Obsessed I'd still skip this truffle.

Strawberry Tarte Truffle
The Strawberry Tarte is a Milk Chocolate Truffle, with a lovely dark chocolate drizzle  and a split center with a sweet cream on one side & a sweet-tarte strawberry preserve on the other.  The sweet cream has flecks of vanilla bean and is rich and creamy while the strawberry preserve is tart and light.  This truffle strikes a great balance between rich creamy decedence & light tart fruit. The strawberry tasted a bit overprocessed, but overall it's worth the calories.

 I must say overall this collection is a HUGE impovement over the lackluster performance of this summer's Ice Cream Parlor Collection.