Monday, May 24, 2010

Mozzarella in the Making

I have a confession to make, I love cheese. No, I really, really love cheese.  My sisters and I are big, big cheese lovers.  We love cheese so much that fondue, raclette and cheese tastings are often part of our sister time. We love all types of cheeses, but one of our favorites is fresh Mozzarella. Nothing really compares to a fresh ball of Mozzarella. You can slice it up with some fresh tomatoes, basil, balsamic vinegar and a splash of extra virgin olive oil and make a great Caprese Salad.  You can toss it in a light pasta or bake is in perfect Italian style pizza. You can't go wrong with fresh Mozz

A few weeks ago when I decided to resurrect the blog, I thought of all the things I love about food, and one of the first things that came to mind was the discovery process - I love discovering new foods.  I decided it was time to share what is probably the best food discovery in Denver - Marczyk's Mozzarella.  Several years ago I stumbled upon Marczyk Fine Foods located at 17th and Clarkson in Downtown Denver. Marczyk (pronounced Mar-zik) is a locally owned fine foods grocery store featuring local produce, meats and cheeses as well as fine imported foods.  They also have a large wine selection (if you're into that).  My favorite thing about Marczyk is the Cheese.  Their motto is "From around the World and Around the Corner ".  What a great concept!  Literally, the best of both worlds. 

Upon my first experience in the fine foods wonderland I discovered fresh Mozzarella, made on site.  I of course had to try it.  To my astonishment and delight it was the best Mozzarella I've had outside of Italy. Since then, I have become a regular drive-by Mozzarella poacher, running in grabbing my Mozzarella and running out before I am sucked into the delicious vortex of Marczyk's other items. Don't get me wrong, I still often peruse the isles filling my basket with scrumptious delicacies, but usually I'm on a strict Mozzarella mission.

A few of the delectable temptations

A few weeks ago, I did a quick Mozzarella mission, when I got home with my bounty, I couldn't get over just how good the Mozz was (as always). I decided it was time to take action, so I sent an raving praise email to Marczyk, expressing my love of their Mozzarella, then I got brave and told them about my little blog (I was even honest & told them I don't think anyone actually reads it) and asked if I could watch them make the Mozz.  To my delight they said yes.  So I met Christopher, the head Maitre Fromager bright and early to watch the magic of the Mozzarella.   

I won't bore you with what I think is a fascinating process, so I'll give you the picture version. It all starts with fresh curds straight from Wisconsin, then the Curd is Heated.


    Then it rests in warm water

Then Christopher works his magic, folding and resting the hot cheese. 


Once the Mozz gets the perfect "you know it when you feel it" texture and shine, Christopher starts forming the Mozzarella Balls.


Once the Perfect Balls are formed they take a soak in a warm brine before being wrapped for your enjoyment.

The finished product.  

Here are a few of my Mozzarella Meals

Day 1 Caprese Salad

 Day 2 Mozzarella, Basil, prosciutto and tomato pizza

No matter how you slice it Fresh Mozzarella is the King of Cheese.

I'd like to send a special thanks to Marczyk for their great hospitality and great food.  Thanks for the Good Eats! Love you guys!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Fro' Yo' Yo

Now that Spring is in full bloom (minus those pesky snowstorms that keep showing up) it's time for a fair weather treat.  What's the best way to combat a heat wave? With PeachWave of course!
Peachwave is a self serve frozen yogurt in Edmond, OK.
Peachwave serves actual frozen yogurt with live cultures that is not only low in fat, but also good for you and most importantly delicious!

Peachwave has a small chain of stores throughout Oklahoma and 4 other states.  
"Our" Peachwave is located in the trendy Spring Hill Village in Edmond, OK

Peachwave has a Funky Art Deco Decor & is always packed
Don't you love the chairs?

Peachwave is unique in that you get as little or as much delicious fro yo & toppings as you want for a staggering $.33 an ounce.  The machines are set up with 2 flavors each so you can swirl your fro yo if that's how you roll

The flavors range from original tart, pomegranate, pineapple and blueberry to chocolate, vanilla, tiramisu, and my personal favorite chocolate raspberry.
I've lost count but I believe there are 18 flavors each day 

Peachwave has something for everyone 
If you're a  rich & creamy kinda guy I'd recommend the vanilla, chocolate, cookies & cream or coconut
If your more tart & tangy  I'd go for original tart, blueberry or pomegranate 
For our Fruity friends I'd recommend the pineapple - Ah-May-Zing!

As if the freedom of mixing & matching your fro yo in the Exact quantity you want wasn't awesome enough - you can personalize even more with the toppings bar
Toppings range from fresh fruits & berries to your favorite candies

While I'm a purist & like my fro yo plain I do like to mix it up.
This particular evening I divided my cup into 3 sections - Chocolate, Coconut & Pineapple
After getting our fro yo - for a whopping $3.89 for the 2 of us  I forgot to take a picture of my actual fro yo. But let me tell you, as always it was Delish!

3 more quick tips about Peachwave
1. The staff is super fun & helpful
2. They have a frequent fro yo card that gives you a discount once you spend a certain amount
3. If you want to buy me a birthday gift please buy me a Peachwave store for Denver

PeachWave is a MUST if you are ever in the OKC area
PeachWave gets a solid 5 stars + a bonus for being healthy on top of it!