Wednesday, April 07, 2010

And she's back in the eating game

It has been almost three years since I've blogged!
To set the record straight:
No I have not been starving
Yes I still am a food snob
Yes I still critique every meal I eat

Now on with the blog. So many great places have been ignored by my blogging hiatus but in the process I have found some new favorites and some never again eateries. I have also rediscovered my love for experimenting in my own kitchen. This has led to a love of farmers markets, cheese mongers, and specialty stores. This has also led to many many pictures of my kitchen creations.

Now for the game change! This blog will now be about Food Food Food no matter how, where or how far along in the process it is in the cooking process.

Here is a little sample of what I've been cooking.

Frenched Rack of Lamb with Quinoa and grilled asparagus mushrooms and carrots

Here's a little sample of what you've been missing:

Watercourse Foods - delicious vegetarian comfort food

Pho Fusion - One of my favorites - Vietnamese, Thai & Chinese cuisine
*Best Egg Rolls in Denver* Amazing noodle bowls & of course great Pho

Pizza Republica - Great Pizza & Amazing Tiramisu

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