Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Best of the Mex - Mexican Throwdown

One of the Great things about OKC is the great variety of good Mexican Food
Here is the rundown on 4 local Mexican Restaurants

The Contestants

The Rules
Restaurants will be judged on the following:
1. Chips & Salsa (Queso if applicable)
2. Enchiladas (contents & sauce)
3. Beans & Rice

First Up
Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant 
1718 East 2nd St. Edmond, OK

The Lowdown:
1. Chips & Salsa: The Chips are Fresh, Thin & Lightly Salted (not enough salt for me)
The Salsa - My Favorite of the Bunch, the perfect blend of tomatoes, garlic, peppers & spices; It's on the Mild side which I love.  They also have a hotter salsa upon request - it's a little too hot for me but has a great smokey chili flavor
Queso - Creamy, Mild & perfect with salsa on top (I'm not a huge Queso fan, but Husband ranks it as #2)
2. Enchilada: Chicken Enchilada with Tomatillo Sauce - Best Enchilada Sauce Ever! It's tangy, savory, fresh, flavorful - perfect! The chicken is perfectly seasoned & shredded.
3. Rice & Beans: Spanish Rice and Refried Beans I love the rice; It's always cooked to perfection & perfectly seasoned. As far as refried beans go these are as good as they get.(I'm not a big refried beans fan, but I always eat a few bites) 
4. Bonus: Sopapilla with your meal  (I always pass but take 1 bite of husbands) Light & fluffy with cinnamon sugar & honey - the perfect last bite

The Los Arcos Score
Chips 4/5
Salsa 5/5
Queso 4/5
Enchilada 5/5
Rice & Beans 4.5/5

Ted's Cafe Escondido 
Multiple Locations in Oklahoma City Metro 

The Lowdown:
1. Chips & Salsa: The Chips are Fresh, of medium thickness & perfectly salted
The Salsa -  Good Stuff, a fresh blend of tomatoes, peppers, spices with a bit too much onion.
Queso - Creamy & perfectly seasoned. This Queso is lo mejor! Delicioso! Ted's Queso is Husband's #1 Pick
2. Enchilada: Chicken Enchilada with Tomatillo Sauce - The Sauce is good, but very commercial and a little over processed and the chicken is nicely shredded.
3. Rice & Beans: Spanish Rice and Refried Beans The rice is really good, well seasoned and just the right texture. The Beans are not nearly as good, the flavor is flat and the consistency is too muddy.
4. Bonus: Sopapilla with your meal  Light & fluffy but a little heavy on the cinnamon sugar 
5. Double Bonus: Perfect homemade flour tortillas - these are probably the best tortillas I've ever had & the only place I'll calorie splurge on tortilla & queso!

Ted's Score: 
Chips 3/5
Salsa 4.5/5
Queso 5/5
Enchilada 3/5
Rice & Beans 3/5

1121 Northwest 63rd Street
Nichols Hills, OK

The Lowdown:
1. Chips & Salsa: The Chips are Fresh, Thin & Absolute Perfection - This may be the perfect chip
The Salsa - Over processed, too much dried spice flavor, but still ok.  It has a little more kick than the other competitors. 
2. Enchilada: I had the Chicken Enchilada with Salsa Verde Sauce & the Seafood Enchilada with Cream Cheese Sauce.  The Chicken Enchilada was fantastic, very flavorful, the sauce was good too - but there wasn't enough of it, so the enchilada was a little dry.  
The Seafood Enchilada, was well, not good. I ate 2 bites & that was all I could handle...not good. It was all mooshy yet dry at the same time & way too garlicky.
3. Rice & Beans: Spanish Rice and  the option of Black or Refried Beans. The Rice was overcooked and dry, the flavors were not there - again stale dried spices. Not so good. The black beans were also over cooked, but were ok. I'll take black beans over refried any day.
4. Bonus: Sopapilla for 50 cents  Light & thin with cinnamon sugar & honey - good, but a little too much cinnamon sugar 

The Mamasita's Score: 
Chips 5/5
Salsa 3/5
Enchilada (Chicken) 4/5 (Seafood) 1/5
Rice & Beans 1/5

Pepe's Mexican Restaurant 
1701 S. Broadway. Edmond, OK

The Lowdown:
1. Chips & Salsa: The Chips are ok, just normal chips. 
The Salsa - Is good; a nice blend of tomatoes, peppers, onions, & spices; It's a little spicy but in a good way.
2. Enchilada: Chicken Enchilada with Sour Cream Sauce - The sauce was good, a little heavy for my taste, but the chicken is perfectly shredded & well seasoned. The big downside for me is that Pepe's doesn't have tomatillo sauce - which is my favorite, but as far as cream sauce goes, Pepe's is pretty darn good.
3. Rice & Beans: Spanish Rice and Refried Beans. The rice is good, good texture, good flavor.  The beans are pretty good too.  Pepe's gets the #2 slot for beans & rice.

PePe's Score: 
Chips 2/5
Salsa 3.5/5
Enchilada 4/5
Rice & Beans 4/5
The Undisputed Winner: Los Arcos
Los Arcos wins on Salsa, Enchilada & Beans & Rice + they have the best service.

Ted's Cafe Escondido wins on Tortillas & Queso - but they have the worst service.

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