Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dirty Rice with Sausage

If you're anything like me 1/2 way through the day you start wondering what you are going to make for dinner. Then your mind runs through what you've got in the fridge in an attempt to avoid the market on the way home.  Then you end up making one of a handful of quick & easy recipes that you & your family are pretty tired of.

This is a great easy recipe to mix up your midweek routine.   Dirty Rice uses staples you likely already have around & if not these ingredients are easy to add to your staple list since they have a long shelf life. Another great thing about this recipe is it's kind of a "kitchen sink" recipe, add what you have, leave out what you don't.  Here's my take on Dirty Rice:

The Deets
2 Cups Rice (I use long grain brown rice)
4 Cups Chicken Stock
1 Shallot
1/2 Bell Pepper
2 Jalapeno Peppers
10 Mushrooms
1 Can diced tomatoes + a handful of chopped fresh tomatoes
1 large Sausage (I prefer turkey, or better yet, elk if I can get it)
1 TBS Olive Oil
Bring chicken broth to boil & add rice
Cook Rice to package directions (using the broth instead of water)
Chop Vegetables to desired size
Heat Oil to pan
Add Shallot & Mushrooms
Once cooked through remove 
Cook Sausage in same pan
Once Sausage is cooked 90% add peppers, mushrooms & shallots 
Next add Diced & Fresh Tomatoes 
Stir occasionally until hot
Add Rice and mix throughly 
Simple, Quick & a Delicious Break from the Usual Menu

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