Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The List: Top 30 Foods for Your Health

Have you seen "The List"?
It seems every few years a new list is created of the healthiest foods, usually the top 15 or so remain the same, but occasionally there are new additions.  Here is the latest list of Healthy Foods, with my commentary on each food of course.
Almonds   Yum! Top salads, add to yogurt or eat by the handful - Be sure to buy them "RAW"
Avocados  One of my favorite foods! Sometimes I will sprinkle with lemon or lime & a little sea salt & scoop it right out of the shell.  Also great on salads, sandwiches and in tacos.
Barley  It's on my list for the market tonight - I can't even remember the last time I made it. You can't go wrong with a whole grain & Barley is nutty & very versatile.
Black Beans I have finally learned to like beans! I love black beans with rice as a side to Enchiladas & Tacos
Blueberries Ok. I have a confession to make...I eat blueberries almost every day. Love them!
Broccoli Honestly not my fav. It's a little rough on my tender tummy - but I do like it in fried rice & stir-fry
Bulgur just another kind of wheat.  Little 'heartier" tasting.
Chard Good Stuff, I usually buy Rainbow Chard, because it's fun - usually I saute it with a touch of olive oil & a pinch of salt - quick & easy side dish
Chicken Breasts The oh-so versatile chicken. I usually butterfly & cut in half to keep portion size under control
Edamame Confession time...I am obsessed with Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Edamame...bad thing - no trader joe's within 300 miles - good thing a BFF who loves me & sends them to me!
Eggs I love a good hard boiled (hold the yok), an omelet, scramble or egg salad.  I don't like yoke but I do use every other one when cooking because the yoke contains some good stuff.
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil kitchen staple.
Kale not just for plate decorating! I actually love kale. Sauteed with mushrooms & a little shallot - perfect. (Side note - the decorating comment is from a friend who didn't know you ate kale - she thought it was just for presentation)
Kidney Beans not something I enjoy on their own, but you can use them instead of chick peas to make hummus
Kiwi Hello Vitamin C! Cut in half & eat with a spoon...yumm yumm
Lentils Still working on this one...I will try harder to like them
Mushrooms This was a surprise to me. I love mushrooms anyway I can get them; in stirfry, fried rice, risotto...
Nonfat Greek Yogurt although I do prefer regular yogurt, Greek is ok - its just a bit too thick some days
Oatmeal I love oatmeal.  I also love making oatflour to add to baked goods.
Oranges Who would have thought an average fruit would make the A team? Love them - especially when I juice them
Peanut and Nut Butters I do NOT like peanuts...so I buy Almond butter.
Pumpkin I've made some not so good pumpkin sides...but pumpkin desserts I can rock!
Quinoa My favorite Grain.  I would say we eat Quinoa once a week. Tastes Great, Versatile & Delish!
Sardines Not a Chance!!! I will not eat them in a can I will not eat them Sam-I-Am!
Skim Milk Everyday, at least once a day.
Spinach My favorite Salad Green. We've always got spinach on hand.
Sweet Potatoes One of my new found favorites, I've been making some pretty good stuff with these sweet babies lately.
Walnuts Does it count if they're sugar coated? An ok nut, but not my fav, unless they are glazed - then I love them, especially in salad.
Whole-Grain Pasta The only kind allowed in our house.
Wild Salmon Only Wild. I don't buy farmed fish - it grosses me out.  I love Salmon, especially smoked.

I'd say I'm doing pretty good, really there are only 4 things on the list I don't eat on at least a monthly basis.  And only one I refuse to eat, sorry I will not eat sardines, I don't care what bountiful benefits they promise. How does your score stack up?  Happy Healthy Eating!

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