Thursday, March 03, 2011

Seared Halibut with Truffled Mushroom Risotto and Wilted Kale

The Risotto
1 TBS Olive Oil
1/2 Shallot
1/2 Cup finely chopped Mushrooms
1 Cups Risotto 
2 Cups Chicken Broth
1/2 TBS Truffle Oil
1/4 Cup Fresh Parmesan Cheese  
The How To
In Sauce Pan heat Oil, add Shallot & Mushrooms until Caramelized 
Add Risotto 
Add 1 Cups Chicken Broth
Cover & Simmer over medium low
Once liquid is mostly absorbed add remaining 1 Cups Chicken Broth
Finish with Truffle Oil & Parmesan
Wilted Kale & Watercress with Mushrooms & Squash
3 Leaves of Kale
1/2 Bunch of Watercress
1/2 Cup rough Chopped Mushrooms
1/2 Cup rough Chopped Squash
1 TBS Olive Oil
The How To
In Saute Pan heat oil over medium high
Add Mushrooms and Squash until well Seared
Add Kale and Watercress until wilted

2 Halibut Steaks
1 TBS Olive Oil
Seasoning Salt, Salt & Pepper to Taste
How To
Heat Olive Oil in Pan over High
Season Halibut Steaks with Salt & Pepper
Sear Halibut on each side for 4 minutes
Remove from Heat and cover for 5 minutes to finish cooking
Plate, Pray & Enjoy!

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