Thursday, July 28, 2011

Survey Says...Your Feedback is Requested

When I started this blog I didn't really have a purpose in mind - back then I didn't know anyone that blogged, but a friend suggested I start one to share my discriminating tastes with the masses. I assured my friend that there were no masses, but though it might be fun to try my hand at writing. So the blog began.
As you can tell, I didn't really get in to it and let it go for a few years before picking it up and dusting it off last year. But, I'm still not sure what my purpose is, obviously it's about food, but why? and further do people read it, like it and/or tryout the recipes?  I don't know. And that my friends is why I've devised a little homework project for you...
Below I've created a little survey to get some feedback on what people like and want in a blog, with that guidance I'm hoping I can tweak the blog into something we all can love. So please take the survey and leave as much detail as possible so I can improve this little blog of mine. Thanks in advance for your participation!
Loves Denver's Dining Diva

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