Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Real Women Eat Steak

I am a Montana Girl. I like Steak. When I was in high school I hadn't yet broke the 100lb mark but I could put away a steak like a rough-riding, cattle-herding cowboy. If I never ate a steak again, I would probably still have had my fair share for a lifetime. But I will not stop eating steak, it's just too delicious! Though my appetite has shrunk and my taste buds have been broadened I still love a good steak, just a smaller portion than I indulged in as a teen. Eating Beef in good for you - so long as you don't go overboard. Remember Portion Control is Key! A proper portion of Steak is the size of a deck of cards - which is usually 1/2 to 1/3 of the steak your butcher will cut for you.

I don't cook steak much because I still haven't perfected it and every time I cook one all I can think is "I want one of Dad's steaks". My dad makes great steaks - so long as you stay in the kitchen with him so he doesn't over cook it! Dad and I have very different polar opposite ideas of when a steak is done. I prefer a nice Medium Rare + just one second past medium rare. Dad on the other hand likes his black, jerkified, leather - if he sees pink it gets flamed to death. But Dad loves his "raw meat" eating daughters and makes a mean Medium Rare for me and a cringe worthy bloody Rare for my sister.

Anyway, back to the steak at hand. I am getting better at cooking steaks, thanks in part to my beautiful Staub Grill Pan. When it comes to steak I am a purist. I don't like sauces or toppings. I eat steak for the bold flavor of a good hunk of beef. But it's your dinner, so spice it up however you want - if you like to pile on grilled onions or smother it in sauce go for it. But here is the pure, simple meat of things.

The Deets for 2
1 New York Strip Steak
Lawrys Seasoning Salt
Montreal Steak Seasoning
Olive Oil
1 Hot Grill
The How To
First, Don't cook a cold steak - let the steak get to room temp before you toss it on the grill or in the pan(it takes about 20 minutes from fridge to room temp)
Cut Steak into proper portion size
Lightly Brush Steaks with Olive Oil
Lightly Season with Lawrys & Montreal Steak Seasonings (I do a quick sprinkle of each on both sides of the steak - going lighter with the Montreal Steak Seasoning)
Heat Grill Pan to Medium-High
Cook Steaks 4-5 Minutes on Each Side - only turning once - once you flip it leave it alone (the grill marks on the closer steak were decorative and done during the "side one grill") {continually flipping your steak or removing and reheating it will cause it to be tough}
Turn off pan and remove from heat, letting the Steaks sit for another 2 or 3 minutes
Remove from Pan and let Steaks rest another 5 minutes before cutting or serving

Add a fun side like Grilled Veggies, Scalloped Potatoes and a Salad and dinner is served!

Plate, Pray & Enjoy!

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