Thursday, August 25, 2011

Boulevard Steakhouse

Boulevard Steakhouse is your classic wood-panelled, lowlit, upscale steakhouse located in Edmond Oklahoma. It has a classic dimlit, dark and cozy dining area and a matching lounge where musicians play several nights a week. While the lounge experience is worth a drop by, the actual restaurant is not. Here is the Dining Diva's take on what Boulevard Steakhouse has to offer.

First up the Appetizer: Calamari
The Calamari was great, it was perfectly cooked to a light and crispy perfection and well seasoned. It was served with a blue cheese dipping sauce complete with chunks of blue cheese.  The Calamari Earns 7/10 Diva Stars.

Next Up: The Salad Course
We ordered the Balsamic Caesar Salad, Roasted Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella and Basil on a bed of Romaine Lettuce topped with house made croutons and shaved Parmesan served with a creamy balsamic dressing. This salad was fantastic and earns 7/10 Diva Stars.

Time for the Main Attraction!
The Prime Ribeye
I hate to admit it, but the Ribeye was disappointing. It was fine, but not the spectacular cut of meat you expect at this price point. It was underseasoned, slightly overcooked and a little tough for a ribeye earning it a 5/10 Diva Stars.

Next up the Grilled Salmon
The Salmon was topped with lump blue crab meat, Grilled Prawns and a ginger scallion aioli. It was "eh". The Salmon was a bit fishy, the aioli was bland, over all it was a subpar dish. The best part of this dish by far was the blue crab meat. The Blue Crab saves this dish and earns it a 5/10 Diva Stars

The Sweet End
For Dessert we had the Oreo Mud Pie
The Oreo Mud Pie was much better than the name implies - it was a complex layering of different chocolates and textures. Although I only ate a few bites, I'd order it again, if it was on someone else's menu. The Oreo Mud Pie earns 7/10 Diva Stars.

Overall I can't recommend Boulevard Steakhouse; I'm not saying don't go - but you can find much better places at this price point and below. For this price point I should be wowed, not underwhelmed. I mean the Food is Fine, but it's not worth the prices and the service left much to be desired.
When I spend this much on a meal the service should be fantastic, but it was actually bordering on awful. Our server was nice and knew the menu well, but didn't pay attention to what we ordered at all and messed up our order big time. I mean big time, as in the only thing she got right was the calamari. That's right, she forgot the salads, gave me a well done steak, forgot the bread, when she brought the salads, after taking away the well done steak, she brought the wrong salads! Instead of facing up and admitting her mistake and moving on - our server avoided us for the night and never once asked how our main course was. On top of that the service was extremely slow, so slow that we had to cancel our after dinner plans because dinner took an extra hour and a half.  Even if the food was amazing, which it wasn't, the service was so bad I probably still wouldn't go back.

Please Note that the poor service did not affect the food scoring - my palet remains objective even in situations like this.

The Report Card for Boulevard Steakhouse:
Service       1/10
Ambiance   3/10
Food          5/10
Overall        4/10

I think you can safely pass right on by Boulevard without missing a thing.

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