Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Awesome Pantry Labels!

Don't you love getting cool new kitchen gadgets? If you know me at all, you know I do. I have a thing for kitchen gadgets and always have a few on my wish list. A while back my sister and her husband started a little vinyl business, Celestial Scripts. They do all kinds of cool things, wall clings, quotes, Granite and Marble etchings, decorations and per my request Pantry Labels!

In order to figure out what labels I wanted I went through my pantry and selected which items I wanted permanent labels for. Last week I got a little surprise in the mail.
My Custom Pantry Labels! Look at these little beauties. They were specifically made to fit my Lock n Lock containers. As a side note, I love Lock n Lock containers. They are the perfect size, seal nice and tight and have a nice sleek look. Just wait until you see how good they look now...
I know this is a terrible photo, but Don't they look amazing? I'm so excited about them. Even more fun, was when my husband opened the pantry tonight and said "wow, those labels look really good". That's right, you want to get on my good side, just complement anything in my kitchen, be it tools, toys or the food. I'm a kitchen junky all around!

If you're in the market for some great pantry labels be sure to check out my sister April's site CelestialScripts.com! 

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Granville Lochrico said...

Yes. They look pretty neat and elegant. I love the idea that they're transparent. They seem to blend in with any color inside the containers. =)