Monday, September 26, 2011

Pineapple Lemonade

I know Summer is technically over, but the temps are still warm and Lemonade is always a good treat. Today's version is sweeter than the normal tart lemonade and has a touch of the tropics with fresh pineapple. It's a big hit in our house.

The Deets
5 Lemons
1 Cup Fresh Pineapple (about 1/4 of a fresh pineapple)
3 Cups Water
1 Cup Ice
{I do not add sugar - but I like my lemonade on the tart side - if you want to sweeten it up a 1/4 Cup of Sugar should do the trick}

The How To
Peel the Lemons prior to juicing or the juice will be bitter
Cut the pineapple into large chunks - feel free to use the usually discarded core - it will juice nicely
Toss it into the Juicer & Juice Away
Pour into the pitcher of your choice
Add water and mix well
Add Ice
You Can Add A few slices of Lemon and Pineapple for decoration if you'd like
Nothing like a refreshing glass of lemonade on a warm fall evening!
Enjoy & Happy Fall!

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